Why Digital Out Of Home Advertising Is More Effective

POSTED BY: admin ON July 26th, 2010

In this electronic age, there is a growing need to adapt to the tools and techniques used in advertising. The methods have undergone drastic changes with the use of devices that deliver information through digital signage. Customary advertising methods have been supplemented with the LCDs and plasma boards that are more interactive and can portray information in a very compelling manner. Thus, digital out of home advertising has become a necessity now more than ever.

Understanding Outdoor Advertising

DOOH uses LCD screens that are placed in different viewing positions inside various venues. They can be located almost anywhere – from grocery stores to doctors’ offices. The screen display is controlled through closed-loop content by a software system. The content intends to provide necessary information that is relevant to the viewers inside a specific environment. It directly communicates with consumers so the campaign for a particular service or product can be more effective.

Why DOOH is Effective

Advertising agencies have been focusing more on DOOH for the following reasons:

  1. The demand and popularity of DOOH are cropping up and the quantity of sales are soaring high.
  2. The colorful and compelling display in plasma screens is ideal for product promotion.
  3. Unlike radio and television, DOOH is immune to Web and channel surfing.
  4. Digital advertising can be displayed in almost any location. You can see it in gyms, hotels, restaurants or bars, shopping centers, corporate buildings, transit vehicles, and retail outlets. It intends to captivate audiences in a very interesting manner.
  5. The use of a software system enables the advertiser to quickly change the content and easily manipulate the screen displays.
  6. The price of LCDs went downhill and made DOOH cost effective compared to other advertising methods.
  7. The emergence of wireless internet and IP technology is making DOOH the number one solution to advertising needs.
  8. Consumers are now spending more time outside their homes. This means that the target audience can be seen walking, waiting, traveling, dining or shopping. This group of individuals can often be seen in public areas where DOOH is mostly located. Today, people spend twice as much time away from home, and this only justifies the need for outdoor advertising.
  9. Business owners gain more confidence from the emerging possibilities that DOOH can do. It promotes fresh, creative and innovative methods that capture the attention of audiences.

Digital out of home advertising is undoubtedly the No. 1 marketing strategy in this new age. It intends to embrace the newest possibilities that can help leverage any business on the planet.


Sign Design – Corel Draw In The Sign Industry

POSTED BY: admin ON June 16th, 2010

In today’s sign design, all work is done on a computer. We send our clients PDF files of the finished product and they easily view it in their phones or computers. And because the colors depicted are not the actual representation, there is a need to present it on a digital architectural photo to precisely illustrate the sign design outcome. Thanks to Corel Draw, we can now communicate our finished product in a much realistic way.

Sign Design in Corel Draw

Quick Look at CorelDraw

Corel Draw offers tremendous help in the sign design industry. It has an excellent ability to work in pattern making, dimensioning and in scale. It is also a node-edit software that works differently on various objects. Its competitors include the Xara Xtreme and Adobe Illustrator.

It is widely used in the sign industry for a number of reasons:

  • Graphics Suite

A wide range of editing tools is available in CorelDraw. The user can balance colors, add special effects, change the format from RGB to CMYK, and alter contrast. Bitmap files can also be edited further through the Corel PhotoPaint.

  • Handling Multiple Pages

The software also has the ability to handle several pages together with numerous master layers. Documents are easy to generate or change and finished products can be printed even in less complex printers.

How it Differs from Other Products

CorelDraw competes with Xara Xtreme and Adobe Illustrator in sign design. All these are vector-based programs, but users have different experiences between them. Here are some differences worth noting:

  • CorelDraw opens PowerPoint Presentations, PDF files, and other programs using Microsoft.
  • CorelDraw offers flexibility, speed, and compatibility.
  • The software allows users to specify the Pantone color profile and match it to a precise paint mix.
  • Corel makes it easy for users to handle a professional system of color management.
  • Corel is tightly integrated between bitmap pages and vector. Old images can be imported and added to the top of vector drawings.
  • An Eyedropper tool is available to test colors from the image and drop them into vector shapes.
  • The PowerClip feature permits users to import a textured image into Corel document. This way, clients will be provided with a product that closely resembles the final outcome of your project.

Some Disadvantages

Colors play a vital role in the sign age. It is necessary to produce images that are as near-perfect as the actual drafting. In sign design, the Adobe Illustrator has proven itself to handle colors better. Though matching Pantone shades can be done easily, it is still very much limited compared to paint.

CorelDraw can corrupt colors as it has its own less effective model to use. Unlike the Adobe Illustrator, Corel cannot maintain the colors that were generated in a native client-supplied file.

Despite Corel’s disadvantage, it is still widely used in the sign design industry due to its efficacy in making better signs. It also tops in speed, flexibility and compatibility that makes it an excellent tool for making sign design.


California Sign Association Meeting With George Hedley

POSTED BY: admin ON June 1st, 2010

The sign design business is expanding and is currently making a revolutionary progress in the industry. Though many have tried their luck at this field, some have failed in marketing their businesses. And because we want to avoid such, we attended the California Sign Association meeting with no other than Mr. George Hedley.

Here is a quick look at the event:

The Venue: Orange County Mining Co.

California Sign Association has picked yet another great place to meet and talk about business. No host cocktails started around 5:00pm followed by an early dinner at 6. This year’s meeting was held at the Orange County Mining Co., a popular restaurant in the City of Los Angeles, California.

There is no better place to hold events than at the Banquet halls of Orange County Mining Co. The breathtaking panoramic view of Orange County offers the perfect ambience for any kind of occasion. The resto is an epitome of the Silverado Canyon mining days. The rooms in the restaurant are patterned after the saloons and grubberies that were so often visited by the prospectors.

We were at the venue a bit earlier and chatted with other CSA members. Dinner was served at exactly 6:00pm. We had chicken that was just as superb as the view. I’m sure the people in their enjoyed it too!

The Speaker: George Hedley

George Hedley is a renowned professional business speaker in America. Being a business owner of a construction firm, George himself knows what to do with businesses to make them prosper. His speech was truly inspiring and motivating for any listening businessman in the venue.

Apart from being a businessman, George Hedley is an author, entrepreneur, a proficient speaker, and the owner of HardHat Presentations – an organization that speaks to several other business communities. He is an expert speaker and is sought after during conventions, conferences, customer retreats, and meetings. He focuses on small-time business owners and helps them develop a company that will productively last for a lifetime.


What George Hedley Advocates

The California Sign Association was eager to listen to an awe-inspiring speech delivered by Mr. George Hedley himself. He believes that through strategic planning, we can better market and sell our business. He devised plans that can help people earn more, work less, and live a life they want. He is also an expert in getting businesses to work. By working in a systemized and organized company, there is a way to consistently produce loyal customers, leadership, and bottom-line profits. Being a Certified Speaking Professional, he motivates his listeners to execute several techniques that can better expand our businesses.

After the rousing speech, we were given the opportunity to mingle with other members of the California Sign Association. I can definitely say that it was one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever been into. And I’m looking forward to another chance of meeting with Mr. Hedley and be stirred – once again – by his truly encouraging speech!

CSA Members that were present  include Sign RhinoFederal Heath Sign CompanySigntronix, AD/S Design and Sign, and Structural Technology Consultant Inc.


Inside Sign Design – A Comprehensive Review

POSTED BY: admin ON May 9th, 2010

There is no formal training that can properly educate us on sign design. There are also no books, no manuals, and no other resources to feed our curious minds. Though we already know the basics, it is necessary to go through the various areas of graphic design and learn new skills that can advance our knowledge in this field. Inside Sign Design will help take our experience to the next level. Here is a closer look at the most useful book for sign and graphic designers.

The Functions

Mike Burke, the book’s author, aims to guide experts and would-be sign designers. This book is the first of its kind and is definitely a rich source of information for anyone seeking basic to complex knowledge on sign design.

The following are its most important features:

  • Functions as a reference book or teaching manual to graphic or sign designers, sign companies, ad or marketing agencies, and architects.
  • Assists aspiring designers to learn the most fundamental steps in mastering signs.
  • Helps correct our traditional ways to layout signage.
  • Teaches the proper way of writing sign specifications.
  • Hastens the process of designing signs while maintaining quality.
  • Enhances the knowledge and expertise of designers through updated sign design techniques.

Comprehensible and Easy to Use

The book is a compilation of 10 years worth of experience in the sign business. It covers various topics – from taking care of your customers to pleasing passers-by who so often ridicule or compliment the signs we make. It is a highly informative tool that focuses on bringing out the best in every sign designer.

We used this book as a reference in our sign design training, and it sped up the whole process of designing. We also learned new things and were reminded of the basic rules in signs design. Today, this book has helped us transform ourselves into professionals and assisted us in making signs that are worth submitting. Now our sign designers take very important consideration on the details, the sign placement, the city planner, the viewer, and most importantly – the customer.

Easily Accessible and Affordable

The ebook sells for only $4.99.  The paperback book and DVD have sold out and will be available at a future date. To date SignDesignBooks.com has sold over 64 copies in 16 months and is an industry secret. The reviews of the book can be found under the testimony page of the website. Hurry and grab your copy of Inside Sign Design now!

Learning sign design is certainly not easy. But gaining knowledge through Inside Sign Design book is an entirely different matter. You do not only learn the basics, but you become the best that you can be at this profession.

Inside Sign Design


International Sign Expo | Sign Design

POSTED BY: admin ON April 27th, 2010

It was only last April 7-10, 2010 that my business partner and I attended the ISA International Sign Expo at Orlando, Florida. The event was held at the Orange County Convention Center and was, as always, a huge success.

The Event

The International Sign Expo brought together 17,000 people – all skilled in custom signs. The place was overflowing with awestruck attendees that moseyed around the 1,600 exhibit booths. In total, there were 500 companies that showcased various talents involving signs.

This year’s gathering was made even better through educational offers that provide a whole new experience for 2,000 individuals. I believe, that through these didactic lectures, we have further contributed to the betterment of the sign industry. The 50 information-packed seminars by ISA proved to be a valuable experience for everyone who attended the event.

International Sign Expo 2010 Orlando

Sign Industry in the Past 2 Years

Despite the economic downturn we all have experienced in the past 2 years, it is uplifting to witness the optimism of every individual who attended the event. Various new technologies were uncovered – from green products to 3D television that need no glasses! Tried and tested tools, like printers, LED’s and neon, were also showcased at the event. This year’s gathering proved the continuous effort of this industry to meet the rising demands of clients needing help on sign design.

Innovative and Quality Service

Innovation and expertise are two essentials in this industry. The trend and technologies involved in sign production may have changed, but our commitment to produce effective and quality signage has remained as is.

And though our customers have diversified in terms of product and service needs, they still rely on this industry to provide better signage solutions.

International Sign Association 2010

The Need for Signs

Signs play a vital role in promoting businesses. One should create signs that are both functional and striking. It needs to impress customers at first glance. The provider’s skills and capabilities, therefore, are necessary in the production of good signage. Remember, quality signs increase business opportunities. It can affect the success or failure of your business.

Next Year’s Event

The ISA is already working on next year’s International Sign Expo. It promises to bring us the latest on sign industry. We have yet to learn new things involving LED signs, CAD programs, and many other tools that can improve our businesses. So prepare yourself for 2011’s Las Vegas International Sign Expo!

For more information on sign design, visit http://www.signrhino.com and be acquainted with the best in sign industry!

American LED

International Sign Expo 2010



Sign Design LED Sign Digital Signage Content Provider

POSTED BY: admin ON April 11th, 2010

Welcome to Sign Rhino’s Blog.

Sign Rhino helps sign companies expand their services in custom sign design, permit packages, brand books, sign detailing / sign engineering, digital signage content, LED sign content, custom animation content and 3D visualization. We focus on providing quality service to our clients at a lower cost.

Why choose Sign Rhino? Sign Rhino is revolutionizing the sign industry by providing quality service while lowering costs.

Customer Satisfaction: We focus on providing superior customer satisfaction, working step by step with our clients using real-time communication and state of the art technological tools to ensure all your needs are met.

Quality Talent: Our employees are highly educated expert designers and engineers who undergo a rigorous training program prior to even starting with our clients. We help you increase capacity while allowing you to stay lean.

Experience with the Best: With offices in the US and Asia, we have partnerships with some of the largest sign companies in the US. With our extensive experience, we have the skills necessary to bring any brand to life.

Value Creation: We leverage our offshore resources so that you can get the best value while maximizing your return on investment.


Fundamentals Of Sign Design

POSTED BY: admin ON March 9th, 2010

Most of us believe that by simply posting signs, we are able to sell our businesses to anyone. However, not many customers notice the message that you’re trying to get across. It’s either they don’t bother, or your sign design isn’t just effective at all.

Sign design is a very important aspect in advertising. We need to send a clear and convincing message to consumers so we can give them reason to look at our sign. Here are some effective tips for starters:

First Impressions Last

It takes hours to craft signs design, but it only takes seconds to look at them. So if you’re building a sign that’s ineffective, invest a little more time on it and you’re sure to benefit from it in the end.

Go For Something Unique

Some signs get lost with the hundreds available out there. It is therefore necessary to make your own branding so you can stand out from the rest. Be sure to catch the customer’s attention by including a strong focal point in your sign. This promotes a stronger and longer relationship with your clientele.

Text and Graphics

Both objects should always be in balance. Sign design is not like brochures which are excessively textual. White spacing, for example, has to be incorporated to make signs look a little less monotonous. Remember, signs need to bring more information while obtaining the reader’s attention.

Play with the Right Colors

Colors should be eye-friendly. They shouldn’t be too bright or too shady. Employing the right set of color combinations make sign designs more visually appealing. You can go for black texts on a white background or a yellow on black to captivate the viewer’s interest.

Colors play an important role in promoting relationships. Customers often visually recall sign design, thereby making signage a huge factor in establishing affairs.

Know Your Audience

Before crafting banners, it is important to thoroughly understand your customers. You need to make a specific sign design for young or old audiences. There also has to be a difference in making signs for genders, races, and even professions. If you communicate your product excellently through proper signage, you’d be able to target a specific group or audience.

Invest in Time

Never rush in making sign design. Always put time and effort on it so you can ensure a wider outreach of customers. Remember, effective signs design pay well in the end.

To leverage your business through signs, visit our sign design website at SignRhino.com and find the best teams that can help with your sign design needs!