California Sign Association Meeting With George Hedley

POSTED BY: admin ON June 1st, 2010

The sign design business is expanding and is currently making a revolutionary progress in the industry. Though many have tried their luck at this field, some have failed in marketing their businesses. And because we want to avoid such, we attended the California Sign Association meeting with no other than Mr. George Hedley.

Here is a quick look at the event:

The Venue: Orange County Mining Co.

California Sign Association has picked yet another great place to meet and talk about business. No host cocktails started around 5:00pm followed by an early dinner at 6. This year’s meeting was held at the Orange County Mining Co., a popular restaurant in the City of Los Angeles, California.

There is no better place to hold events than at the Banquet halls of Orange County Mining Co. The breathtaking panoramic view of Orange County offers the perfect ambience for any kind of occasion. The resto is an epitome of the Silverado Canyon mining days. The rooms in the restaurant are patterned after the saloons and grubberies that were so often visited by the prospectors.

We were at the venue a bit earlier and chatted with other CSA members. Dinner was served at exactly 6:00pm. We had chicken that was just as superb as the view. I’m sure the people in their enjoyed it too!

The Speaker: George Hedley

George Hedley is a renowned professional business speaker in America. Being a business owner of a construction firm, George himself knows what to do with businesses to make them prosper. His speech was truly inspiring and motivating for any listening businessman in the venue.

Apart from being a businessman, George Hedley is an author, entrepreneur, a proficient speaker, and the owner of HardHat Presentations – an organization that speaks to several other business communities. He is an expert speaker and is sought after during conventions, conferences, customer retreats, and meetings. He focuses on small-time business owners and helps them develop a company that will productively last for a lifetime.


What George Hedley Advocates

The California Sign Association was eager to listen to an awe-inspiring speech delivered by Mr. George Hedley himself. He believes that through strategic planning, we can better market and sell our business. He devised plans that can help people earn more, work less, and live a life they want. He is also an expert in getting businesses to work. By working in a systemized and organized company, there is a way to consistently produce loyal customers, leadership, and bottom-line profits. Being a Certified Speaking Professional, he motivates his listeners to execute several techniques that can better expand our businesses.

After the rousing speech, we were given the opportunity to mingle with other members of the California Sign Association. I can definitely say that it was one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever been into. And I’m looking forward to another chance of meeting with Mr. Hedley and be stirred – once again – by his truly encouraging speech!

CSA Members that were present  include Sign RhinoFederal Heath Sign CompanySigntronix, AD/S Design and Sign, and Structural Technology Consultant Inc.

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