Why Digital Out Of Home Advertising Is More Effective

POSTED BY: admin ON July 26th, 2010

In this electronic age, there is a growing need to adapt to the tools and techniques used in advertising. The methods have undergone drastic changes with the use of devices that deliver information through digital signage. Customary advertising methods have been supplemented with the LCDs and plasma boards that are more interactive and can portray information in a very compelling manner. Thus, digital out of home advertising has become a necessity now more than ever.

Understanding Outdoor Advertising

DOOH uses LCD screens that are placed in different viewing positions inside various venues. They can be located almost anywhere – from grocery stores to doctors’ offices. The screen display is controlled through closed-loop content by a software system. The content intends to provide necessary information that is relevant to the viewers inside a specific environment. It directly communicates with consumers so the campaign for a particular service or product can be more effective.

Why DOOH is Effective

Advertising agencies have been focusing more on DOOH for the following reasons:

  1. The demand and popularity of DOOH are cropping up and the quantity of sales are soaring high.
  2. The colorful and compelling display in plasma screens is ideal for product promotion.
  3. Unlike radio and television, DOOH is immune to Web and channel surfing.
  4. Digital advertising can be displayed in almost any location. You can see it in gyms, hotels, restaurants or bars, shopping centers, corporate buildings, transit vehicles, and retail outlets. It intends to captivate audiences in a very interesting manner.
  5. The use of a software system enables the advertiser to quickly change the content and easily manipulate the screen displays.
  6. The price of LCDs went downhill and made DOOH cost effective compared to other advertising methods.
  7. The emergence of wireless internet and IP technology is making DOOH the number one solution to advertising needs.
  8. Consumers are now spending more time outside their homes. This means that the target audience can be seen walking, waiting, traveling, dining or shopping. This group of individuals can often be seen in public areas where DOOH is mostly located. Today, people spend twice as much time away from home, and this only justifies the need for outdoor advertising.
  9. Business owners gain more confidence from the emerging possibilities that DOOH can do. It promotes fresh, creative and innovative methods that capture the attention of audiences.

Digital out of home advertising is undoubtedly the No. 1 marketing strategy in this new age. It intends to embrace the newest possibilities that can help leverage any business on the planet.

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